The message - Experience from my last summer

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Death. My experience ended with death. Instead it had started with happiness, it ended with death.

Day-to-day he led me know, that he can go. And that time it begun. It was one of the latest days of the school year. Calendar showed me Saint Peter´s day. From that time we spent a lot of time together, we spent more time than anytime before, we spent more time than all three years together we knew each other. All stars of the sky blessed this summer. We were in Kremnica in old sanctuary, on the place where old monks had prayed once. We were in summer camp in Banská Belá, also in Prešov, where we learned children - as small as large - how to be friendly with the rest of the world.

He was younger than me. In spite of this fact, he was more brave. He wanted to be a real man. Not jus "be like", but to be. He always agreed when somebody offered to go climbing or hiking or something, when you can get hurt yourself. The adventure was his life. I learned a lot by his side. Now, I hope I also thought him something, maybe to read Eldredges, my favourite writer.

It was not so hot. It was not already summer. It really wasn´t. It was cold. really cold. I called him to go out. We met. We watched the concert. We stood there just by side. After that, we went for a walk - for a walk we went. Nobody scented it was for the last time.

We shook hands. We said good-bye. We went on our ways. When I came home, I was tired, I layed down on my bed. Suddenly, something was ringing. Ring - ring all the time! After few minutes, I took the phone. It was his brother John. He had car-crash. That moment changed everything.

It took the whole week when he gone. I was depressed, deeply depressed. I ceased believe from everything i ever believed. But he left the message. That night he had been on holy mass and on confession. He was christian. Yes, he was. Truly christian. He died prepared. What is more, the last movie he had seen was Heaven is for real. Is it?

I think we don´t have to be afraid of death. Yes, it is true we don´t have it under the control and we "do not know neither day nor hour". He showed us this side of the death.

And this is my experience from my last summer. Death


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